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What do you think about publishing funniest AskHopper Q/A ? =)


Have you ever been bored with your cellphone?

Did you ever wish to have more friends to talk with?

Are you interested in what random people on the world may have to say?

Do you wish to know answer for yours most craziest questions?

If have you answered “YES” for any of those questions, then AskHopper is the application just for you! =)

It is lightweight app for Android, which allows you to ask completely random person on the world anything you’ve ever dreamed. Of course, it gives you the opportunity to answer any, most weird question just in a few clicks too. It features simple, but yet cunning interface and a little bit of magic =)

It’s FREE!

AskHopper screenshot


We are happy to announce that “Headshot Paintball edition” application is now avaliable on android market. For now only in FREE version.

The Headshot-paintaball application allows users to shoot paintballs of various colors just from their android phone. The application features a real-time view from the phone camera, with hud display.

User can choose from various weapon types. For now, in demo version only shotgun and pistol are enabled. FULL release will will include  brass knucles and chainsaw!

If you like the idea of shooting headshots of your friends and sharing the pictures, dont hasitate and download the headshot-paintball now! Also dont forget to rate it ūüėČ

Screens from the app:

Headshot-paintabll application

Headshot-Paintball app Android


Waiting for android 2.1 with animated widgets? Try it now on 1.5!!

We are happy to anounce the “Christmas Tree Widget” application now avaliable on Android Market.

Christmas tree widget is the first animated  widget avaliable on android market!

This widget adds a beautifull, interactive  christmas tree to your Android desktop.

Screens from the application:

Christmas Tree Widget

Christmas Tree Widget

Christmas Tree Widget

Christmas Tree Widget

stylu waiting for android 2.1 for animated widgets? Try it now on 1.5